We didn't think Sprinklers really used much water




Until we figured out they are responsible
for more than 50% of the average water bill.

If you "rain-adjusted" your in-ground system
constantly, you could be saving 45% of the  
water you use on your lawn.  But that is a    
crazy expectation.                                        

The Power of Green Rain

Green Rain personalizes your sprinkler timers for you. Automatically.
After it learns about your outdoor landscape, it automatically balances saving you water and having a lush lawn.
Think about how much water you would save 
if rain was automatically deducted from your
sprinkler schedule and it knew of upcoming

Personalized for any in-ground sprinkler heads

We realize one configuration won't work for everyone.
We kept in mind a few key features to ensure this would work for the masses

  • Smaller than the standard sprinkler controller
  • Works on all 24V in-ground sprinkler heads
  • Customizable for each zone
  • Just needs an outlet and WiFi connection

First, Installation

Can you turn a screwdriver?

Can you tell Green Rain what your current sprinkling schedule is?

Perfect.  Next section.

If you don't believe us, head to the setup section

Saving Without Thinking

No need to touch it again.  Seriously, everything
mentioned is done automatically.

You do have access to a personal dashboard
where you can view savings or manually
override your Green Rain if you get the urge
to run through the sprinklers.

You can view our CEO's Green Rain stats