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The other end goes into the "24VAC" plug on your Green Rain

The other end goes into the "24VAC" plug on your Green Rain

First thing's first.  Give your Green Rain some power by plugging it in.  

It is that connector that looks like it fits into an outlet.  

The other end goes into the "24VAC" label on the Green Rain.


Now we need some internet so we can setup your Green Rain and establish the connection to your WiFi.  

Plug the provided green ethernet cable into Green Rain and the other end into one of the numbered ports on the back of your home router.

The next step is ever so simple.  Navigate your browser to the SETUP PAGE

This will walk you through the configuration of Green Rain.

You're one step closer to saving a whole lot of money!

Consult your manufacturer manual if help finding the zone wires is needed

Consult your manufacturer manual if help finding the zone wires is needed

Now for the hardest part of the setup.  And when we say hard, we mean pretty easy.

Head into your garage or wherever your current sprinkler controller is.  All of these controllers have a door on them.  When you open the door, you will see some wires which are used to control the zones.

Each of these wires is labeled very clearly and will help you to determine which wire controls what.


The first step here is to find the COMMON wire (often labeled as COM).  

Disconnect this and then connect it to the terminal in your Green Rain packaging which has 2 wire inputs.  Once the wire has been inserted, tighten it down with a small screwdriver to ensure it stays in there forever. 

Pro Tip: You do not need to have a wire in each of the 2 inputs on the Green Rain.  If you only have one Common wire, only connect one!


Now find yourself the wire terminal in the Green Rain packaging which has 8 wire inputs.  This will be used to connect each specific zone in your sprinkling system.  

If you are unsure of which wire input is for which sprinkling zone, please take a moment to plug it into the Green Rain and you will see the labels match up.

Skip this step if you do not have a pump in your system.  If you are unsure, check for a wire labeled "PUMP RELAY", "P" or "MV" on your current sprinkler controller.

For those of you who do have a wire connected to the Pump Relay...  This wire will go into Zone 1 on the Green Rain controller.  If you are confused as to which wire input is Zone 1, plug the 8-wire terminal block into the Green Rain for the labels to match up.

Now, your Zone 1 wire will go into "2" on the Green Rain, Zone 2 into "3", etc. etc.

Now, one zone at a time...

Unplug the wire from your current controller and plug it into the respective number on your Green Rain.  The reason why we suggest doing this one at a time is so there is never any confusion as to which zone is controlled by each wire.

The zones on your current controller will be either labeled with just numbers, "STA1, STA2..." or "Z1, Z2".  If a group of wires are labeled in a numerical order, you have your winner.

Now plug the wire terminals into the Green Rain (screws facing up when you plug them in) and you are one step away.

Last step is to plug the Green Rain back into the wall and mount it to the wall if needed.

Enjoy never touching your sprinkler controller again!

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