Regatta View

Speed Coach's goal is not just to enhance practice but also to improve the regatta experience. As of now viewers have a hard time seeing boats as they are coming down the course and it is always a mystery what boat is in the lead for three quarters of the race. Speed Coach will give real time updates of boat positions on people's phones as the race goes on.


Improving the Experience

The key to Regatta View is the ability for the viewer to watch the race and know what is going on without having to put any effort in.

With easy to identify lanes and boats there will be no question as to who is in what position before spectators can even see the boats. 


Anywhere and Everywhere

You don't even have to be at the regatta to view it! With the search function within Regatta View it is possible to look up any regatta that is included in the database and you can see the races on your phone in real time from anywhere.