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SpeedCoach Logo

SpeedCoach Logo


Real Time Feedback


Speed Coach is a mobile device app for rowing designed to give real time feedback to coaches and coxswains about their boat's. This provides a more dynamic practice and allows for more information to the coach.

Speed Coach differs from other apps in that it can monitor multiple coxswains at once while giving rate, instantaneous split, average split, and meters rowed.

View side by side stats on multiple boats without having to flip through multiple pages.

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Regatta View

Enjoy a regatta from a whole new perspective with the new Regatta View. This part of the app allows spectators to see boat positions on their phone with distinguishable lanes and boats on the screen. Regatta directors will be able to use this app to inform the spectators of a regatta in a quick and easy fashion.


Ease of Use

Speed Coach was developed with the consumer in mind. Easy to use interfaces and readily available information are the highlights of using Speed Coach. Never again do you have to worry about overly complex processes that seem to do nothing but intend to confuse.

The information you need is right at your fingertips