What is Speed Coach?

Speed Coach is an application for your phone that takes the sport of rowing to the next level. Speed Coach provides unparalleled access to live data on the position of shells during races and provides real time feed back. 


1 Sport 3 Views

Regatta View


Regatta view provides a live stream of boat positions to spectators of a race. By connecting to each coxswain, the spectator is provided with meters rowed by the lead boat, and the distance between 1st place and other competitors.

Coach View


Coach viewpage can help coaches across the world with managing practice and keeping an eye on their athletes. By synchronizing with up to 2 coxswains running the application, the coach can be provided with a wide variety of data including instantaneous split (proivded by GPS) rate, meters, and average split.

Coxswain View


Coxswain View works in tandem with coach view. By utilizing an accelerometer and GPS system, the coxswain is provided data on the shells speed, stroke rate, split, meters rowed, and time, which is then relayed to the coach in real time!

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